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Abiola / AB

BootKamp Coach & PT

I completed my Diploma in Coaching at Auckland University of Technology in 2012. I wanted to use my acquired experience in sports to teach and coach others. But as I kept learning, my thirst to know more kept growing. I decided to further broaden my knowledge in sports and exercise. I then did a bachelor’s in Sports and Exercise Science. During my course, I wanted to learn more about the human body from both mental and physical aspects, so I branched out to Sports Psychology and Prehab/Rehab too. 

I want to help people overcome barriers—both mentally and physically. That’s where I use my background in Sports Psychology to work with them in a deeper and stronger way. I can be a very empathetic being, and I use this to help people in every way possible.  


In StudioRepublik, I work as a Bootcamp Instructor and Personal Trainer. I like seeing people breaking barriers, and I want to bring the best out of them. The best feeling for me is when someone comes back after a few weeks, and says they never thought they would be able to do what they are doing then.