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start them young

Staying active is essential for every age, especially for kids. 

Our friendly, supportive, and qualified personal training specialists are ready to get your child started on their strength and conditioning goals. Together we work towards an active, healthier, and stronger tomorrow.


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    general conditioning

    Increasing general fitness is essential for everybody, especially for children. A fun and structured approach with our trainers to build can help start a healthy love for fitness.

    weight management

    Work towards your child’s health objectives with one of our personal training specialists.

    Sports specific

    Enhance your child’s physical performance with a tailor-made program from one of our Personal Training specialists.

    exercise referral

    Whether your child’s objective is medical-based or recommended by a physician, our qualified coaches are ready to get them there with the right kind of support.

    meet the trainer

    It’s easy to find a one-in-a-million coach—when you know where to look.  The top coaches across hundreds of disciplines are all right here at StudioRepublik. 

    This is where they have the facilities to excel at their craft. 

    This is where they get the space to teach groups and individuals.

    This is where they find you—and where you can find them.

    So go ahead. Take your pick.


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