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Naomi Keighley

Naomi is originally from the U.K. and began her ballet training at the age of 4 at The Angela Westwell School of Dance. She trained in Advanced 2 R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dance) Ballet and advanced level in IDTA Ballet, Modern and Tap. She graduated with a 2:1 B.A. Honours Degree in Ballet and Contemporary Dance from Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. During her early dance studies, Naomi assisted in classes at her local dance school, where her interest in teaching began. She attained her Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma with the Royal Academy of Dance, crediting her with registered teacher status in 2016, and then moved to Dubai, where she has been teaching for over 4 years. In 2017 Naomi completed her Progressing Ballet Technique course and still attends C.P.D. courses regularly. She is passionate about enriching her students’ journey through dance, enabling them to achieve their goals and ambitions—whether they are dancing for fun or aiming for a career. Her classes are filled with energy, creativity, and determination.




6-8 yrs

This is a high energy class accompanied with upbeat hip hop music! Students will develop their coordination skills and understanding of movements and shapes. They will build their confidence, be open to express themselves and improve their fitness levels while learning cool dance steps.


9-12 yrs

Students will learn more intricate choreography in these fun and energetic classes, continuing to enhance their musicality and physicality. They focus more on developing their body’s mobility with iconic Hip Hop styles such as Tutting, Dance Hall, Popping & Locking. Children will gain confidence and also be encouraged to be creative through freestyling.


13+ YRS

Students will dance to well-known and current hip hop tracks in these classes while being challenged with elaborate choreography and rhythms. They will improve their strength and stamina while being more confident with the iconic Hip Hop dance styles, such as Tutting, Wacking, Dance Hall, Popping & Locking. Freestyling will be encouraged to develop confidence and creative license. 


Leave your details to book a free assessment for your child with one of our coaches. 

The assessment is less than 30 minutes and involves going through a few basic moves to analyze your child’s level. After that, we’re ready to roll.



    Let's Do This



    Before we start, we carefully assess each child’s specific skills & performance in their chosen discipline. This helps us know exactly where they belong.


    These programs are designed in advance for every level by experienced, ex-elite coaches. And you, as parents, can see what challenges are coming up in each week of term and which objectives your child will be working on.


    We then track the development of their skills throughout the term, following which ones are improving—and more importantly, which ones aren’t. This honest and detailed approach helps them improve much more consistently, and perfect skills that last a lifetime.


    At the end of each term, we can give them clear targets to focus on, allowing you to help them hone some skills at home, or in 1-1 classes with our specialists. Eventually, when they’re ready, they progress to the next level—or are reallocated to the class that’s best for them.



    1 ON 1

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