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Reach your peak

Tone your body and mind to lift, twist, flip, grip, and turn in this beautiful, athletic art form. 

Our top-level program and craftsmen will help you progress to wherever you want to go. Come to celebrate who you are, discover your hidden strengths, and have fun doing it.


    Let's Do This

    FIND YOUR circle


    Spin, climb, twirl, and dance your way to fitness. Whether you’re new to the pole or a master, we have a class for you. 


    When you’re floating in the air in a hoop, you might not notice that you’re strengthening your upper body, balance, flexibility, and confidence.  


    Hammock gives you more support to build your strength. A fun, creative way to stretch, strengthen, and relax—all at the same time. 


    Learn to climb, invert, and drop with seemingly effortless grace on Silk. And improve your agility, strength, and body awareness while you’re at it.


    Explore a range of stretches and exercises to strengthen your hamstrings and hips to progress your way through Pole, Hoop, and Silk techniques. 

    CHOOSE YOUR star

    It’s easy to find a one-in-a-million coach—when you know where to look.  

    The top coaches across hundreds of disciplines are all right here at StudioRepublik. 

    This is where they have the platform to excel at their craft. 

    This is where they get the space to teach groups and individuals.

    This is where they find you—and where you can find them.

    So go ahead. Take your pick.



    *Aerial classes are not part of any membership and have to be purchased separately as passes.

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