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Master your craft.
Develop your voice.
Discover your self—and everything you can be.

Whether you are curious or serious, we will give you a supportive, professional environment where you can find your voice, refine your technique, and develop the discipline, resilience and persistence to succeed in your acting career as well as your personal and professional life.


Dedicated drama studio
50-seater Black Box Theater
Back stage and control room
HD Camera, monitor and projector with green screen technology Condenser microphones
State-of-the-art lighting and acoustics



Explore the exciting, challenging world of theater acting with a highly-skilled Stanislavski practitioner. We will help you tackle every aspect of the craft: voice, physicality, playing actions and objectives, and performance. We will also track and evaluate your progress to help you make real, tangible gains.

Find your level, then sign up for 6 or 12 weeks at a time.
You can also take Add-On or Drop-in classes for targeted growth, experience, or a bit of fun.


Foundations (Open)

Build the foundations of truly great acting technique: the ‘method’ pioneered by a giant of 20th century drama—Constantin Stanislavski. In a supportive, creative environment we focus on voice, physicality, playing actions and textual analysis to develop skills and performance technique.

Scene Work (Advanced)

Put your Stanislavski skills under the spotlight as you rehearse a scene or short play to performance level. Actors will analyze scripts, develop characters, uncover motivations and embrace objectives, while receiving comprehensive feedback from skilled instructors.


Acting Buzz

A fun, active drop-in class where everyone can explore drama in an open, dynamic environment. Led by an experienced craftsman, every class is an adventure as you open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of the stage.

Edgy Impro

Improvisation is a terrific skill that develops communication, listening skills, confidence, authority, resourcefulness, quick thinking and teamwork. Our classes are fun and energetic, firing up your imagination through practical, active and instructive games and impro exercises.

Audition class

Success happens when talent and preparation meet opportunity. This class help you understand what auditions are really looking for and the dynamics of these career-defining moments. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the entire audition process—inside and out—so you’re prepared to give the best audition you can.

Monologue Shoot-Out

Test out your monologue skills against the best in Dubai in this fun and competitive acting challenge.


Talent doesn’t discriminate by age. Neither do we. Whether you want to be on the screen or behind it, we’ve got the class for you.

Sign up for either 6- or 12-week packages.


Acting for Film (Silver)

Learn the essentials of screen acting in this practical and illuminating course: on-camera technique, understanding camera angles and shots, and developing voice, characterization, confidence, and your own on-screen presence and charisma. Explore and film scenes with expert feedback from experienced instructors.

Acting for Film (Gold)

On-camera classes to develop your emotional range, be present and active in the moment, and discover hidden truths through the legendary Meisner technique. Designed for those with on-screen experience or those who have completed the Acting for Film (Silver) course.



Explore key aspects of screenwriting: creating powerful images, believable characters, good structure, rhythm, pacing, dialogue and action—and complete your own first draft in the process. For writers of all levels.


Drama is a powerful way to improve communication, collaboration and trust amongst colleagues and leaders.

We tailor specific sessions to individuals and groups looking to:

    • Develop communication and leadership skills
    • Promote creative and adaptive problem solving
    • Overcome blocks to creativity
    • Foster better communication
    • Build trust and support in teams
    • Encourage sharing and acceptance of ideas
    • Support spontaneity and spontaneous creative expression

Choose from:

Play in a Day

An innovative Team Building Activity to inspire staff, develop problem-solving skills, improve communication and boost creativity and confidence. In just one day employees will write, direct and star in a 10-minute play—cooperating through their creative and leadership instincts. Available for groups from 10 to 100.


Charisma—that magical quality that keeps an audience hanging on your every word—can be learned. It’s simply a blend of confidence, communication and projection. We focus on the microelements of these attributes: how to crystalize your message, conquer nerves, use your hands effectively, move on stage, create infectious enthusiasm and interact with slides to become a world class presenter and public speaker. No audience member will ever be bored again. Available for groups 1 to 20.


A good voice commands attention, respect and interest. We’ll help you master the clarity, pitch and power of your best possible voice, and show you how to produce, manipulate and look after one of your most valuable assets. Available for groups of 1 to 20.



Communication is a skill that can be nurtured. So is confidence. Limelight encourages both of these to flourish, empowering children to thrive in everyday life. It then gives them a thorough grounding in the basics of classical acting technique—the firmest possible foundation for future growth.


This class is designed to develop the basic skills essential for young children to communicate and thrive as part of a community. Using innovative, INTERACT-ive and practical exercises the course focuses on building confidence, self-expression, active listening and encouraging positive responses to situations and interactions with other children and adults.
Frequency: 1x or 2x classes p/w


Building on the skills initiated in InterAct, this class develops the core communication skills so important to becoming a mature and successful adult. We also begin to develop the basic craft of acting including voice, physicality, characterization and story-telling through improvisation, drama games and introductory scene and script work.


In this class students will further develop an understanding of the craft of drama through participation in various drama experiences such as role play/characterisation, body language, exploring relationships, and shifts in time and place. The course also develops student’s ability to concentrate and focus through group story-telling and dramatic exercises.
Frequency: 1x or 2x classes p/w


As our students move into the often challenging and complex teenage years this course helps them to feel understood and supported as they hone their acting craft and develop their technique. The class provides a safe environment where young adults can stretch their imaginations and help them to understand developing emotions and feelings through positive reinforcement and structured exploration.
Frequency: 1x or 2x classes p/w


This class allows students to utilise the skills they have learnt in our other programs to create, rehearse and bring to life a fully-fledged theatrical work in front of family and friends at STUDIOREPUBLIK’s state-of-the-art tailor-made performance space. This is their chance to get under the skin of different characters and explore scenes and situations that are funny, moving and surprising. The Youth Theatre program also welcomes those talented youngsters who prefer to work in vital offstage roles such as Stage Managers, Set Designers and Lighting and Sound Operators, Writers and Assistant Directors.
Frequency: 1x or 2x classes p/w


Drama Program Manager
Head of Drama